Screw Air Compressor With VFD Manufacturer in India

Top Screw compressor with Vfd in India

Screw Air Compressor With VFD Manufacturer in India

Frank Compressors is a best manufacturer and supplier of inverter screw compressors in Coimbatore with Variable Frequency Drive (VFD). Our compressors incorporate VFD technology, allowing for precise motor speed control to match the air demand. It results in significant energy savings compared to fixed-speed compressors, as the motor only operates at the required speed. Frank Screw air compressors with VFD exhibit high performance and reliable operation. With advanced screw technology, our variable-speed inverter compressors deliver consistent air flow and pressure, ensuring optimal productivity in your operations.

The operation state of screw air compressors determines their efficiency ratings. Standard screw compressors start loading at a minimum set pressure and unload at a maximum set pressure. In contrast, Inverter (VFD/VSD) screw compressors maintain continuous operation by adjusting the RPM of the motor based on flow and pressure requirements to deliver the required flow.

In conjunction with cutting-edge variable frequency drive technology, the latest generation of Frank VFD Air compressor system enables a "constant pressure variable operating mode." Operators can immediately benefit from genuine energy savings when activating Frank Screw compressors with VFD, as these compressors promptly conserve energy upon activation.

As the best VFD screw air compressor manufacturer and supplier in India, we prioritize ease of maintenance to minimize downtime and ensure smooth operation. We design our variable-speed screw air compressors with user-friendly features and accessible components, enabling operators to inspect, clean, and service the equipment conveniently.

As an exporter of inverter screw air compressors in India, we aim to provide global clients with innovative, high-performance compressed air solutions that improve operational efficiency and align with sustainable practices.

  • Textiles
  • Foundry
  • Automobile
  • Food Processing
  • Mining
  • Dairy
  • Oil & Gas
  • Health Care
  • The Salient Features of Frank Inverter Screw Air Compressors Are

  • Low RPM heavy-duty screw air end for higher efficiency, low Noise level, and better energy saving.
  • The microprocessor control system and touchscreen control unit digitally display all standard operating conditions and the maintenance schedule for reliable operations.
  • Large oil filters and air-oil separators facilitate low oil carryover of less than 3 PPM with longer service intervals.
  • Our compressors measure and adhere to a low noise level commitment according to PN8NTC 2.3 at a 1-meter distance in free field conditions.
  • Larger air & oil cooler bundled with large cooling fan for low outlet air temperature.
  • They are designed & constructed for challenging environmental conditions, with ample space in the equipment for easy access while maintaining.
  • The reliability of the compressor is well determined due to its fewer moving components.
  • Three years of energy-saving cost will exceed the equipment's capital cost.
  • Branded reliable inverters from a world-renowned source
  • Technical Specifications

    Max Working
    in kg/cm2
    Flow cfm

    Noise dB (A)

    Weight (kgs)

    L W H (mm)
    HP Kw
    Mute HD-15 7-10-13 15 11 71-60-48 72 365 950 x 770 x 1120
    Mute HD-20 7-10-13 20 15 96-89-78 72 430
    Mute HD-30 7-10-13 30 22 138-116-94 72 445
    Mute HD-40 7-10-13 40 30 205-173-140 72 780
    Mute HD-50 7-10-13 50 37.5 255-209-180 72 790 1310x1250x1430
    Mute HD-75 7-10-13 75 55 368-303-271 73 1540
    Mute HD-100 7-10-13 100 75 478-410-370 73 1540 1600x1524x1863
    Mute HD-125 7-10-13 125 90 572-486-440 74 2480 1600x1524x1863
    Base Mounted Screw Compressor (High Pressure Mute Series)
    Mute HD-15 16 15 11 46 70 375 989x815x1125
    Mute HD-20 16 20 15 57 70 440 1039x920x1245
    Mute HD-25 16 25 18.5 78 70 455 1039x920x1245
    Mute HD-30 16 30 22 92 70 496 1039x920x1245

    FAQS About Screw Air Compressor With VFD Exporters From India

    A VFD screw air compressor is an energy-efficient air compressor that utilizes a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) to control the motor speed. This technology adjusts the compressor's output to match the air demand, resulting in energy savings and precise airflow control..

    A VFD screw air compressor offers several advantages, including reduced energy consumption, increased efficiency, precise control over compressed air production, decreased wear on components, quieter operation, and adaptability to varying air demands.

    When selecting a reliable VFD screw air compressor manufacturer and supplier, consider factors such as their experience in the industry, reputation for quality and reliability, range of products and services offered, customer reviews and testimonials, and compliance with industry standards and certifications.

    Yes, VFD screw air compressors handle fluctuating air demands with great efficiency. The variable speed drive adjusts the motor speed in real time, allowing the compressor to match the required airflow precisely. This capability ensures a stable and reliable compressed air supply, even during varying demand conditions.

    Absolutely! VFD screw air compressors are suitable for various operations, including small-scale applications. Their flexibility in adjusting output to match demand makes them ideal for businesses with varying compressed air needs, enabling efficient operation and energy savings even in smaller setups.