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Best High-Pressure Air Compressor in Coimbatore

High-Pressure Air Compressor Manufacturers & Suppliers

High-pressure compressed air solutions are essential for various tasks in numerous industries. Industrial applications often utilize high-pressure air compressors with a range of 2,000 PSI to 6,000 PSI, surpassing the standard high-pressure threshold of 150 pounds per square inch (PSI).A high-pressure air compressor compresses outside air to the required high pressures for various applications, including SCUBA diving, firefighting, pneumatics, and other uses. The compressor cools the incoming air as it moves through each compression stage to achieve optimal high pressures, reaching up to 6,000 PSI.

The industrial air compressing system uses multi-stage intercoolers, pistons, pump cylinders, and crankshafts to transfer energy for various pneumatic and power tool applications.

The expandable filtration system built into the compressor allows for extended intervals between filter change-outs, ensuring the air remains as clean as needed.High-pressure air generators deliver compressed air at the desired pressure levels consistently. This consistency ensures the reliable and precise operation of pneumatic tools and equipment, improving overall performance and productivity. The high-pressure air enables faster and more efficient completion of tasks, reducing downtime and increasing output.

As a leading High-pressure air compressor manufacturers and suppliers in India, Frank compressors incorporate safety features to ensure secure operation. The pressure relief valves and safety devices equipped in the compressed air machines prevent over-pressurization, protecting the equipment and operators. Additionally, high-pressure air systems eliminate the need for electrical power near the working area, reducing the risk of electrical accidents.

We have an array of air compressors suitable for your specific needs, including High-pressure direct drive rotary screw compressors, High-pressure water-cooled reciprocating compressors, High-Pressure Air Cooled Compressors for Circuit Breakers, High-Pressure Air Cooled Pressure Lubricated Compressors, etc.

Frank Compressors has in-house facilities for manufacturing world-class air compressors in Coimbatore, with distribution networks in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, and across major cities in India. It allows us to serve customers nationwide and provide prompt assistance whenever needed.

As an exporter of high-pressure air compressors in India, we aim to provide global clients with innovative, high-performance compressed air solutions that improve operational efficiency and align with sustainable practices.

  • Deep radical fins on the outside of the cylinders provide fast heat dissipation
  • Plates, springs, concentric disc valves, finger valves, and concentric plates operate fast for greater performance
  • Forged steel connecting rod with needle bearing for use in heavy-duty applications
  • Double-end ball bearings on the crankshaft enable long-life servicing intervals
  • Less noise level and ease of maintenance
  • Low specific power consumption
  • 15 to 30 HP Units available

Technical Specifications

Model Piston Displacement Free Air Delivery Motor Power Compressor Tank Capacity
Belt Driven - Heavy Duty (Maximum Pressure - 35 kg/cm2 1015 PSI, Three Stage/ 440 V/3/ph/ 50 Hz)
Giant -150H/500 1170 41.3 889 31.4 15.0 15.0 750 500
Giant -200H/500 1340 47.3 1068 37.7 20.0 20.0 900 500

FAQs About India’s Finest High-Pressure Air Compressor

High-pressure air compressors typically use a multi-stage compression process. The air is progressively compressed and cooled in each stage to reach the desired high pressure. This process involves using pistons, cylinders, intercoolers, and other components that efficiently compress and deliver the compressed air.

Using a high-pressure air compressor offers several advantages. It provides increased power and force for pneumatic tools and equipment, enabling efficient operation in demanding applications. High-pressure air compressors are versatile and efficient and offer enhanced performance, allowing for faster completion of tasks. They are also compact, durable, and incorporate safety features.

High-pressure air compressors find applications in a wide range of industries. Common sectors include manufacturing, construction, mining, oil and gas, aerospace, firefighting, and SCUBA diving. They use compressed air for tasks such as powering pneumatic tools, operating machinery, supplying breathing air, and performing heavy-duty operations.

Safety is paramount in any work environment, and high-pressure air compressors play a crucial role in ensuring it. With built-in safety features, including pressure relief valves and advanced control systems, these compressors offer peace of mind, protecting operators and equipment from potential risks..

Our high-pressure air compressors utilize advanced cooling systems to maintain optimal operating temperatures. These systems may include intercoolers, aftercoolers, or other cooling mechanisms to prevent overheating during compression.