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Best Air Receiver Tank Manufacturers in India

Air Receiver

Frank Compressors is your trusted partner in providing high-quality air receivers for various industrial applications. With a solid reputation for excellence and a commitment to customer satisfaction, we are dedicated to meeting your compressed air storage needs with accuracy and reliability.

As a leading manufacturer and supplier of industrial air receivers, we specialize in producing high-quality and safe air receivers in compliance with the EEC/97/23 standards. These air receivers are specifically designed to meet the diverse requirements of various industries and play a crucial role in the functioning of compressed air systems.

An air receiver tank is a vital component in a compressed air system, providing storage capacity for compressed air. It acts as a buffer, helping to balance pressure fluctuations during the system's operation. By maintaining a stable pressure output, air receivers contribute to the overall efficiency and reliability of the compressed air system, ensuring a steady and consistent supply of compressed air.

Best Air Receiver Tank Manufacturer in India

As an exporter of world-class air receivers, our core belief at Frank Compressors is to deliver excellence consistently, and we strive to achieve this through our dedicated team of professionals.

Our products are robustly built to cater to specific industrial needs, backed by over 50 years of experience and a skilled workforce of over 50 employees. As a top manufacturer of compressed air-related solutions, we offer a wide range of industrial and medical equipment, earning the trust of our customers through the reliability and performance of our products.

All our products undergo thorough testing procedures conducted by our R&D team to ensure the highest quality standards. We prioritize continuous improvement and innovation to stay ahead in the industry. Our ultimate vision is to foster growth in the medical and industrial sectors, and we actively work towards achieving this goal by providing unbeatable, technologically advanced products.

We recognize that each industry has unique requirements. At Frank Compressors, we offer customization options to tailor our air receivers to your specific needs. We can accommodate your precise specifications, from size and capacity to special coatings and fittings. At Frank Compressors, we prioritize customer satisfaction. We strive to provide exceptional service throughout your experience with us. Our dedicated support team is always available to address your queries, offer technical assistance, and ensure a seamless buying process.

Our flexible air compressor and air receiver manufacturing unit aims for continuous development, and all the Frank air receivers manufactured in India comply with all national quality and pollution control standards. Frank Compressors has in-house facilities for manufacturing world-class air receivers, with distribution networks in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, and across major cities in India. It allows us to serve customers nationwide and provide prompt assistance whenever needed.

Special Features

Safety Valve

Installing a safety valve on every air receiver is essential to safeguard the cylinder from potential damage caused by excessive pressure resulting from control malfunctions or incorrect operation.

Pressure Gauge

A standard feature of all our air receivers is the inclusion of a pressure gauge, allowing users to monitor and assess the pressure levels accurately.

Technical Specifications

Model Capacity(Litres) Dimensions mm θ Connections
A B D H i-O Drain (d) Sf. Valve Pr. Gauge
ARV 500 500 543 965 660 1900 1” BSP ½” ½” 1/4"
ARV 1000 1000 632 1135 850 2275 1½” BSP ½” 3/4" 3/8"
ARV 1500 1500 900 350 1062 2400 2"NB ½” 3/4" 3/8"
ARV 2000 2000 900 350 1200 2400 2” NB ½” 1" 3/8"
ARV 2500 2500 900 350 1250 2700 2” NB ½” 1” 3/8”
ARV 3000 3000 900 350 1300 2800 3” NB ½” 1” 3/8”
ARV 4000 4000 900 350 1450 3110 4” NB ½” 1” 3/8”
ARV 5000 5000 900 350 1600 3100 4” NB 1” 1” 3/8”
ARV 6000 6000 900 350 1600 3600 4” NB 1” 1” 3/8”
ARV 8000 8000 900 350 1600 4600 4” NB 1” 1” 3/8”
ARV 10000 10000 900 350 1600 5600 4” NB 1” 1” 3/8”

FAQS About Air Receiver Tank Manufacturers in Bangalore

An air receiver is a storage tank that holds compressed air. It acts as a buffer, ensuring a steady supply of compressed air and helping to balance pressure fluctuations within a compressed air system.

Air receivers play a vital role in industrial settings by providing compressed air storage. They help regulate pressure, minimize pressure fluctuations, and support compressed air systems' overall efficiency and reliability.

Numerous industries benefit from our air receivers, including manufacturing, construction, automotive, pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, and many more. Any industry that relies on compressed air for various applications can benefit from using air receivers.

Frank Air receivers come with safety valves that protect against overpressure, ensuring the cylinder remains safe during control malfunctions or incorrect operation. It helps prevent potential accidents and ensures a safe working environment.

Yes. Reputable air receiver manufacturers like Frank Compressors offer customization options to meet specific industrial requirements. These include options for size, capacity, pressure ratings, and special coatings to suit the unique needs of different industries.