Best Oil-Free Piston Air Compressor Manufacturer in Coimbatore

Best Oil-free Piston Air Compressor

Best Oil-Free Piston Air Compressor Manufacturer in Coimbatore

Frank Compressors, the leading manufacturer and supplier of compressing air systems in India, designs an Oil-free piston air compressor to provide clean and contaminant-free compressed air for various applications. The primary advantage of an oil-free piston air compressor is its ability to deliver compressed air without any oil contamination. Oil-free piston air compressors use specially designed pistons that do not require lubrication. These pistons are typically made of PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) to ensure smooth operation without the need for lubrication The piston's weight is crucial to the compressor's overall performance because it affects the forces and energy required for compression. We design the pistons to be lightweight while maintaining strength and durability. The lightweight piston reduces the inertia forces generated during the reciprocating motion. Minimizing the inertia forces allows the compressor to operate more efficiently, leading to power savings. The high-capacity oil-free piston air compressor incorporates state-of-the-art concentric disc valve technology, ensuring optimal performance and increased capacity. The wear-resistant ceramic-filled Teflon piston rings extend the lifespan of the oil-free air compressors. Our air compressors consistently exhibit high-quality performance, rendering them highly reliable.

Frank Compressors, a manufacturer of heavy-duty air compressors in Coimbatore, produces oil-free air compressors suitable for various industries, including medical, food, and electronics, with the capability to operate for extended hours. Our single-stage air compressor heads utilize an aluminium alloy and ventilated rib design to enhance heat radiation. Our compressors also feature a high-efficiency cooling fan that delivers ample cooling and airflow while maintaining low noise levels.

Our compressors' robust and functional design ensures a dependable and efficient supply of compressed air. We prioritize using top-quality materials and the latest technologies in the design and manufacturing process of Frank oil-free air compressors. Each unit is precisely manufactured to the smallest tolerances using modern CNC machines. The lightweight design of the piston enables faster acceleration and deceleration during the compression cycle. This quick movement allows for efficient compression and reduces the time required to reach the desired pressure levels. As a result, the compressor can complete each compression cycle more rapidly, leading to increased productivity and energy savings. Additionally, oil-free air compressors utilize a one-piece bearing that is designed for long-term operation, offering reliable performance, cost savings, and increased business value. We carefully select components to ensure superior quality and reliability. Additionally, we emphasize simplicity in both installation and maintenance processes. Frank Compressors has in-house facilities for manufacturing world-class air compressors, with distribution networks in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu and across major cities in India. It allows us to serve customers nationwide and provide prompt assistance whenever needed. As an exporter of high-quality and reliable oil-free piston air compressors in India, we aim to provide global clients with innovative, high-performance solutions that improve operational efficiency and align with sustainable practices.

The Salient Features of Oil Free Piston Air Compressors

Lightweight Piston & Teflon Rings

The incorporation of a lightweight piston and ceramic-filled Teflon rings in a special design reduces inertia forces, leading to enhanced power savings. Moreover, the ceramic-filled Teflon piston rings exhibit superior wear resistance, ensuring a longer lifespan.

Overhung Crankshaft For Easy Maintenance

The overhung crankshaft design facilitates easy maintenance, while the presence of twin sleeve bearings on the crankshaft, specifically at the flywheel side, effectively supports the weight of the belt wheel. Repairing the compressor at the customer site is a straightforward process.

Durable One-piece Bearing For Lifetime Operation

Shrunk-fit bearings in high-pressure piston compressors ensure precise alignment and appropriate clearance, minimizing wear and tear. These bearings possess exceptional load-bearing capacity, making them highly suitable for demanding applications in high-pressure piston compressors.

Advanced Concentric Disc Valve Technology

Produced using special computerized purpose machines (SPMs), the manufacturing process ensures impeccable concentricity and flatness, resulting in close tolerances and promoting smooth and efficient airflow with minimal resistance. This meticulous manufacturing approach enhances reliability, minimizes valve losses, and leads to power savings.

Technical Specifications

Model Piston Displacement Free Air Delivery Motor Power Compressor Tank Capacity LITRES
LPM cfm LPM cfm HP Kw RPM
Direct Driven (Maximum Pressure - 7 kg/cm2 102 PSI, Single Stage, 230V / 1 Ph / 50 Hz)
OF - 7.5D 80 2.82 45 1.58 0.75 0.54 1440 30
OF - 10D 120 4.23 68 2.40 1.00 0.75 1440 30
OF - 15D 205 7.23 101.9 3.6 1.50 1.10 1440 50
OF - 30DT 410 14.4 203.8 7.2 3.00 2.20 1440 110
Belt Driven (Maximum Pressure - 8 kg/cm2 116 PSI, Single Stage, 415V / 3 Ph / 50 Hz)
OF - 30S 300 10.5 204 7.2 3 2.20 440 200
Beat - 20ES / 160 7.0 4.8 2.0 1.48 900 160 51x20x37 100
OF - 50S 493 17.4 410 14.5 5 3.70 750 220/500
OF - 75S 759 26.8 606 23.0 7.5 5.50 500 500
OF - 100S 1022 36.10 816 29.0 10.0 7.50 660 500
Belt Driven (Maximum Pressure - 10 kg/cm2 145 PSI, Two Stage, 415V / 3 Ph / 50 Hz)
OF - 150B 1790 63.2 1377 48.6 15 11.6 600 500v
OF - 200B 2235 78.9 1720 60.7 20 14.8 725 500v

FAQS About Oil-Free Piston Air Compressor Manufacturer in Coimbatore

Frank oil-free piston air compressors offer clean and contaminant-free compressed air, ensuring high air quality and meeting the stringent requirements of the medical, food, and electronics industries.

Frank compressors incorporate advanced filtration systems and oil-free design, eliminating oil contamination and delivering clean, high-quality compressed air.

Frank compressors are suitable for industries ranging from medical and food processing to electronics manufacturing, where oil-free and contaminant-free compressed air is essential.

Frank oil-less piston compressors are ideally suited for high-pressure applications due to their robust design and high load-bearing capacity.

The ceramic-filled Teflon piston ring provides superior wear resistance, ensuring a longer lifespan and reducing the need for frequent replacements.