Top Pet Air Compressor Manufacturers & Supplier in India

Best Pet Air Compressor Manufacturers in Chennai

Top Pet Air Compressor Manufacturers & Supplier in India

Specialized compressors, known as PET air compressors or Polyethylene Terephthalate air compressors, find application in the manufacturing process of PET bottles. PET is a commonly used plastic material for producing beverage bottles, food containers, and other packaging products.

Frank PET air compression equipment is specifically engineered to deliver clean, oil-free, and moisture-free compressed air, as any contaminants in the air can negatively affect the quality of the PET bottles. Our air compressors produce high-quality air, which is crucial to prevent defects like impurities, discoloration, or weakened bottle structure.

PET air compressors typically have high-pressure capacities ranging from 30 to 50 bar (435 to 725 psi) or even higher. As the leading PET air compressor manufacturer in India, we incorporate advanced filtration systems and drying technologies to ensure the compressed air is free from impurities, moisture, and oil. We design these compressors for continuous operation to fulfill the requirements of high-volume PET bottle production.

We adhere to strict quality control measures throughout manufacturing to ensure that our PET air compressors meet the highest standards. Our products undergo rigorous testing and inspections to guarantee reliability, performance, and longevity.

Frank Compressors has in-house facilities for manufacturing world-class air compressors, with distribution networks in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, and across major cities in India. It allows us to serve customers nationwide and provide prompt assistance whenever needed.

As an exporter of PET screw air compressors in India, we aim to provide global clients with innovative, high-performance solutions that improve operational efficiency and align with sustainable practices.

  • Maximum design flexibility
  • Compact
  • High-quality and oil-free compressed air
  • Technical Specifications

    Model Piston Displacement Free Air Delivery Motor Power Compressor Tank Capacity
    LPM cfm LPM cfm HP Kw RPM LITRES
    Belt Driven - Heavy Duty (Maximum Pressure - 28 kg/cm2 398 PSI, Two Stage/ 440 V/3Ph/ 50 Hz)
    PET -155I/500 1784 63 1331 45 15.0 11.0 700 500
    PET -200I/500 2096 74 1529 54 20.0 14.8 825 500
    PET -250I/500 2776 98 2040 72 25.0 18.5 900 500

    FAQS about Pet Air Compressor Manufacturers & Supplier in India

    PET air compressor manufacturers employ advanced filtration systems, drying technologies, and quality control measures to ensure the production of reliable, efficient, and high-performance compressors.

    Regular maintenance, including filter replacements, lubrication checks, and routine inspections, is necessary to ensure the optimal performance and longevity of PET air compressors.

    PET air compressors are available in various flow rate capacities to accommodate different production needs. The maximum flow rate can vary based on the compressor model and specifications.

    PET air compressors employ advanced filtration systems, including oil removal filters, to eliminate oil particles from the compressed air, ensuring the air supplied to the PET bottle-blowing process remains oil-free.

    Frank PET air compressor manufacturers adhere to industry standards and regulations, ensuring their products meet the required safety, quality, and performance standards. Compliance with standards such as ISO 8573-1 for compressed air purity is important in PET bottle production.