Direct Drive Transmission Screw Air Compressor

Direct Drive Transmission Screw Air Compressor

Direct Drive Transmission Screw Air Compressor

Direct drive transmission is a common configuration for screw air compressors, widely used in various industrial applications. The direct drive air compression system eliminates power losses associated with belts and pulleys, resulting in higher energy efficiency.

The energy efficiency and reduced power consumption of direct drive transmission screw air compressors result in a smaller carbon footprint and reduced environmental impact.

The direct drive system also reduces the risk of belt-related accidents, such as belt slippage or failure, making the workplace safer for operators.

Frank Compressors, the leading air compressor manufacturer in India, designs high-efficiency direct drive air compressor systems with specific configurations to match the required pressure and flow rate for different applications, providing versatility and adaptability.

Gearless Direct Drive screw air compressors - Jumbo Series

At Frank Compressors, the top brand for air compressors in India, we pride ourselves on engineering excellence, and one of our standout products is the Direct Drive Transmission Screw Air Compressor. This innovative solution offers exceptional performance, reliability, and efficiency for various industries such as manufacturing, automotive, construction, etc.

Our Jumbo & Jumbo HD series screw air compressors are designed to withstand continuous operation under highly challenging conditions. The design of these machines prioritizes not only power efficiency but also addresses concerns related to maintenance, operational expenses, and installation simplicity.

The connection between the airend and the electric motor is achieved through a gearless direct coupling mechanism. This one-to-one direct drive, facilitated by a maintenance-free coupling, reduces the number of components required in a traditional gear drive setup and helps achieve a maximum of 100% efficiency, reducing noise and vibration levels and effectively eliminating transmission shocks. It, in turn, enhances reliability and extends the service life by eliminating wear and tear and reducing transmission losses.

Larger airends enhance efficiency compared to high-speed airends using low-speed 2950 RPM (revolutions per minute).

Furthermore, each machine is equipped with a dedicated and tailored to perform optimally at any pressure level, ensuring peak performance across the entire range of operating conditions.

Special Features of Direct Drive Screw Air Compressors

Automotive Industry: Direct drive screw compressors are employed in automotive workshops and manufacturing plants for tasks like tire inflation, air-powered tools, and paint spraying, where a consistent and clean air supply is crucial.

Construction: These compressors are utilized on construction sites for pneumatic equipment like jackhammers, nail guns, and concrete vibrators. They provide a reliable source of compressed air for various construction tasks.

Manufacturing and Production: Direct drive transmission air screw compressors for manufacturing industries are used to power various pneumatic tools, such as air-driven drills, grinders, and impact wrenches. They provide consistent compressed air for assembly lines and machine operations.

Food and Beverage Industry: Compressed air is used for packaging, conveying materials, and operating pneumatic equipment in food and beverage processing facilities. Direct drive screw compressors provide oil-free compressed air suitable for these applications.

Textile Industry: Direct drive screw air compressors for textile mills are employed for air-jet weaving, spinning, and fabric-finishing tasks.They provide a reliable source of compressed air for the production process.

Oil and Gas Industry: These compressors are used for pneumatic equipment in oil and gas exploration and production, such as drilling, gas compression, and pipeline maintenance.

Technical Specifications

Max Working
in kg/cm2
Flow cfm

Noise dB (A)

Weight (kgs)

L W H (mm)
Jumbo HD Series
Jumbo HD - 25 7 25 18.5 118 72 490 1350 × 900 × 1250
Jumbo HD - 40 7 40 30 205 72 900 1592 × 1233 × 1616
Jumbo HD - 100 7 100 75 523 73 1595 2170 × 1311 × 1771
Jumbo HD Series
Jumbo - 30 9 30 22 123 72 510 1350 × 900 × 1250
Jumbo - 40 9 40 30 178 72 900 1592×1233×1616
Jumbo - 50 9 50 37.5 225 72 900 1592×1233×1616
Jumbo - 60 9 60 45 268 72 900 1592×1233×1616
Jumbo - 75 9 75 55 339 73 1595 2170×1311×1771
Jumbo - 100 9 100 75 450 73 1595 2170×1311×1771
Jumbo - 125 8-10-12 125 90 566-516-435 75 1595 2170×1311×1771
Jumbo - 150 8-10-12 150 110 700-615-560 75 2500 1900×1600×2250
Jumbo - 180 8-10-12 180 132 850-779-690 75 2600 1900×1600×2700
Jumbo - 220 8-10-12 220 160 956-885-794 76 3150 1900×1800×2800
Jumbo - 250 8-10-12 250 185 1062-956-797 78 3330 2000×1800×3000

FAQ's About Direct Drive Screw Air Compressor

Yes, direct drive screw compressors are often designed for continuous duty in demanding industrial conditions, making them a reliable choice for heavy-duty applications. Frank Compressors is a reliable direct drive rotary screw compressor supplier in India offering robust solutions for various industrial needs.

Direct-drive air compressors function without belts or pulleys; they are driven by a crankshaft that connects directly to the motor. The direct linkage between the crankshaft and the compressor ensures that the pump rotates at the same speed as the motor. The key benefit of this setup is the absence of components prone to wear and tear.

These compressors typically have fewer moving parts and no belts to maintain or replace, resulting in lower maintenance requirements. Maintenance schedules typically include oil changes, filter replacements, and regular inspections.

It's essential to consider your air demand, required pressure, and duty cycle. Consulting with a compressor specialist can help you choose the correct size.

Safety features may include pressure relief valves, temperature sensors, and emergency shut-off mechanisms to prevent accidents and ensure operator safety. Frank direct drive transmission screw air compression equipment is designed for continuous duty, with advanced cooling systems and durability to handle 24/7 operation.