Refrigeration Dryer

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Refrigeration Compressed Air Dryer (Nippydry)

Principle of Operation

Warm compressed air enters the Air / Air Heat Exchanger where it is precooled by outgoing cold dry air. The pre-cooled air enters the Air to Freon Heat Exchanger where it is cooled down to +3°C.

At this temperature, water condenses into liquid droplets, which are removed from the air stream by a very efficient Demister and automatically discharged by a Automatic Drain Valve.

The cold dry compressed air passes back through the secondary side of the Air to Air Heat Exchanger where it is reheated by the incoming warm air.

  • Dewpoint +3°C
  • Designed for high ambient temperatures
  • Advanced 3 in 1 heat exchanger for low pressure drop.
  • Time delay for compressor safety
  • Intelligent controller

Time delay for
compressor safety

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