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Frank compressors are diesel driven air compressor manufacturers which consumes low diesel compared to any other make compressor. These diesel air compressors manufacturers ensure high performance at low maintenance cost. Designed by Frank compressor, these mining air compressors ensure durability, reliability and long life. They are fabricated in such a way as to ensure minimum noise and smooth working without vibration. These diesel air compressors are specially designed with heavy inter-cooler for better cooling. Diesel driven air compressors are used for drilling in mines and pneumatic tools, road breaking, sand and shot blasting, structures painting and construction sites.

Diesel Driven Air Compressor manufacturers

Diesel driven air compressor manufacturers

  • Low diesel consumption compare to any other make compressor.
  • Durability, Reliablity and long life.
  • High performance at low maintenance cost.
  • No oil pump, Minimum Noise & Smooth working without vibration.
  • Specially designed Heavy Inter-cooler for better cooling.

Used In
  • Drilling in Mines & Pneumatic Tools
  • Road Breaking & Guniting
  • Sand & Shot Blasting
  • Structures Painting
  • Construction Sites

High performance at low maintenance cost.

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