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Level sensing
drain valves-LDV

In the progression of automatic drain valve manufacturing technology, We have the latest condensate sensing type automatic drain valves. Quintessentially useful and reliable, these valves sense the condensate level for activation instead of working through the cycle timer. The capacitance type of sensor, which can work on all types of condensates like water, water plus oil, water plus oil plus dust and more as such, detects the gradual rise of the level as the condensate starts collecting in the drain valve. The controller on the other hand signal the valve to open when the condensate reach the upper level.

The condensate now drains slowly reaching the lower level. The controller thereby switches off the valve hence stopping the draining. This controller, with the help of indications from 3 LED displays, responsibly browses for any failures in the valve and take corrective actions accordingly; this it does very routinely which keeps a check on the health of the system. A Test/Manual override button also facilitates the process. This operational method of these valves negate any loss of compressed air hence saving a vast amount of energy. The manual drains of the equipment can be easily replaced by fitting our drain valves on them.


Our condensate sensing type automatic drain valve is the latest advancement in drain valve technology. These valves sense the condensate level for activation, ensuring absolutely no loss of compressed air and hence results in enormous energy saving. Our condensate sensing type drain valves are highly efficient and reliable. Fault tolerant system is switching over into timer mode automatically while LDV fails to ope rate due to sensor failure. Timing cycle is every 2 mins for a period of 2 seconds.

Salient Features
  • The electronic level control ensures proper draining of condensate and avoids unnecessary loss of air.
  • All the functions of the valve are accurately indicated by the LED display.
  • Test switch (or) manual drain allows function test at anytime.
  • Intelligent Controller detects valve, probe failure and acts accordingly.
  • Noise free, as air is not discharged..
  • Inbuilt fault tolerant system ensures continues operation of drain valves.
  • Zero Air Loss
  • Design Patented
  • Noise Free
  • Fault tolerant system

Drain Valve
Timer Based - Series CTD

The CTD valve series represents the ultimate in valve performance. Decades of experience of valve manufacturing have allowed us to identify the issues commonly associated with drain valves and undertake the necessary improvements required. Today the CTD valve incorporates an ultra-reliable MCU,which features dual control of both drain cycle and drain valve open-time. The oversized orifice design and a specifically designed solenoid operator section allow rapid discharge of dust and particles.


The drain is controlled by a timer. The timer module periodically activates the valve. The valves are designed for dirty liquid and handle all types of condensate. These direct acting models have 2.5 mm orifice. The timer has adjustments for both Drain and cycle time. Further there is manual flush button to drain excess condensation if required.

Salient Features
  • All new Mechanical clean function
  • Proven Reliability
  • All digital Electronic Circuit for time control
  • Water proof IP 55 enclosures, ideal for outdoor installations
  • Adjustable Drain and Cycle times
  • CE Approved
  • Receivers
  • Dryers
  • Heat Exchangers

Less noise level and ease of maintenance

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